Changing direction, taking a new path

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Dyffryn Ogwen
Dyffryn Ogwen

This is a brand new blog, created to share stories, songs and images from my travels and explorations.  As a photographer and filmmaker who loves to travel, I wanted a platform to showcase my experiences.  I was continually being disappointed with social media sites such as Facebook, which while being useful in some ways, did not give me creative control over my content.  The first experiences I will share on this blog will be stories from my recent trip to the UK and Ireland.  Come back again soon, as I will be sharing my first instalment in the next couple of days, when I will take you on a journey to Snowdonia, in Northern Wales.

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  1. Marwan El Nashar

    Snowdonia, sounds like a place out of Game of Thrones!

  2. Benjamin A. Vazquez, U.U.


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