Songs of the Sea – A journey through music

For me, music is as much a part of the journey as the sights.  Every place I visited had a facet of music embedded directly in the local culture.  Traditional music weaves together the history of the country.  I immersed myself in the seisiúns, rocked out at the shows, scoured the local record bins and sang along at the pubs. Is maith liom ceol!

Upon returning home to Ontario, I quickly compiled a playlist of the songs and stories that I heard or recorded during the trip, or that were recommended/requested.  Along with some Celtic inspired Canadian tunes, it makes for a soundtrack at most times ruckus and jovial, other times pensive or melancholy.   The show aired on June 24th, but is available to stream/download until July 8th, 2016.  Come with me on a musical journey across Ireland, featuring trad seisiúns, indie rock, live shows, songs, poetry and stories.   Hear the pints of Guinness clang and the stomps and shouts of pub revellers drift through the night air. Close your eyes and you might be there with me.

Visit my DJ blog for the entire program t16-06-24_IrelandEditionracklist and download links (Good only until July 8th!  Do it fast!).  This is one of my favourite programs I’ve done thus far, it was twice the length of my regular show, but full of excellent content and I’ve been getting some wonderful feedback.
MEDIAFRENZY FRIDAY – Éire Edition 2016

MEDIAFRENZY FRIDAYS airs every other Friday on CHRW 94.9FM from 2-4pm (7-9pm if you happen to be in Ireland/UK) –



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